Ersin Yumer

I am a Research Scientist at Adobe since June 2015. I completed my PhD studies at the Carnegie Mellon University in May 2015. I did internships at Adobe Research and Google Research.

My research interests lie at the intersection of computer graphics, machine learning, computer vision, and HCI. Recently, I have started to focus on bringing the 2D and 3D worlds together by bridging the gap between different media modalities: 3D shapes, video, images and depth scans. Visit my publications page for more details.

My PhD work was on developing algorithms to infer high-level semantic and functional attributes of shapes to build intelligent design tools. I focused on developing frameworks where the end user is abstracted from low-level interaction with the content, but is enabled with simple and intuitive 'natural language like' controllers to manipulate the geometry and appearance of it.

Internship Opportunities @ Adobe Research

If you are a PhD student interested in doing a research internship at Adobe and/or collaborating on a project with me, send an e-mail. I do get a significant amount of such requests, hence it will be very helpful if you include a CV, your affiliation, your advisor's name, and a summary of your current research interests.


yumer [at] adobe (dot) com

meyumer [at] gmail (dot) com